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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law is now providing online access to the contents of Volume 7, No. 2  at the Michigan Law Library Repository:

Current Issue: Vol. 7, No. 2


“The Role of the Courts in Guarding Against Privatization of Important Public Environmental Resources”
By Melissa K. Scanlan

“Both Sides of the Rock: Justice Gorsuch and the Seminole Rock Deference Doctrines”
By Kevin O. Leske

“Wilderness, Luck & Love: A Memoir and a Tribute”
By Neil Kagan

“Reworking the Revolution: Treasury Rulemaking & Administrative Law”
By David Berke


“Improving Generic Drug Approval at the FDA”
By Kathleen Craddock

“Tiny Things with a Huge Impact: The International Regulation of Nanomaterials”
By Dario Picecchi