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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law is now providing online access to the contents of Volume 8, No. 2  at the Michigan Law Library Repository:

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“Property, Unbundled Water Entitlements, and Anticommons Tragedies: A Cautionary Tale From Australia”
By Paul Babie, Paul Leadbeter, and Kyriaco Nikias

“The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act at 50: Overlooked Watershed Protection”
By Michael C. Blumm, Max M. Yoklic

“Uncovering Wholesale Electricity Market Principles”
By Michael Panfil, Rama Zakaria

“Customary Law of Indigenous Communities: Making Space on the Global Environmental Stage”
By Melissa L. Tatum


“Stop Regulating Government Paperwork with More Government Paperwork”
By Joseph Condon

“The Dormant Commerce Clause and State Clean Energy Legislation”
By Kevin Todd