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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law is now providing online access to the contents of Volume 5, No. 1  at the Michigan Law Library Repository:


Current Issue: Vol. 5, No. 1



“Parallels in Public and Private Environmental Governance”
By Sarah E. Light and Eric W. Orts 

Water, Water, Everywhere: Surface Water Liability
By Jill M. Fraley

The Private Causes of Action Under CERCLA: Navigating the Intersection of Sections 107(a) and 113(f)
By Jeffrey M. Gaba

“Public Trust Doctrine Implications of Electricity Production”
By Lance Noel and Jeremy Firestone


Minimization Criteria for Off-Road Vehicle Use
By Louisa Eberle 

The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine in Ohio: Reevaluating Renewable Portfolio Standards in Light of Changed Circumstances
By Jeffery M. Smith