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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law will soon be providing online access to the contents of Volume 10, No. 1 at the Michigan Law Library Repository:

Current Issue: Vol. 10, No. 1


“Implementing NEPA in the Age of Climate Change”
by Jayni Foley Hein & Natalie Jacewicz

“The Rise and Fall of Clean Air Act Climate Policy”
by Nathan Richardson

“What a Difference a State Makes: California’s Authority to Regulate Motor Vehicle Emissions Under the Clean Air Act and the Future of State Autonomy”
by Chiara Pappalardo

“Natural Resources and Natural Law Part II: The Public Trust Doctrine”
by Robert W. Adler


“Look to Windward: The Michigan Environmental Protection Act and the Case for Atmospheric Trust Litigation in the Mitten State”
by Jonathan M. Coumes

“Litigating for the Homeland: An Indian Treaty Framework to Climate Litigation in the Wake of Juliana”
by Evan Neustater