The Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law (MJEAL) is The University of Michigan Law School’s newest legal journal. MJEAL is made possible by a generous grant from the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan. The journal publishes articles, student notes, comments, essays, and online blog posts on all aspects of environmental and administrative law.

MJEAL proudly presents its Volume 6 board:

ANDREW EBERLE, Editor-in-Chief
RICK STEPANOVIC, Managing Editor
SARAH LADIN, Managing Executive Editor
DAVID GOLDENBERG, Managing Notes Editor
CHRIS VANDEUSEN, Managing Articles Editor
CHRIS BRUNO, Executive Editor
ANDREW DANE, Executive Editor
BRIAN DRESSEL, Executive Editor
STEVE VNUK, Executive Editor
BRIANA GREEN, Articles Editor
KYLE OLSEN, Articles Editor
TRISHA PARIKH, Articles Editor
MATTHEW STILES, Articles Editor
INSUNG HWANG, Notes Editor
KEITH THOMAS, Production Editor

Applying to MJEAL: 

Associate Editor Recruitment

An associate editor’s main responsibility on MJEAL is below the line editing.  Associate editors have one week to complete sourcegathering and citechecking assignments.  In addition, associate editors are expected to complete a note to be considered for publication.  Associate editors regularly meet with their notes editors to assist in this process. MJEAL begins accepting associate editor applications from rising 2Ls and 3Ls in the spring.  A completed application requires a resume (one page), statement of interest, note proposal, citechecking exercise, and writing sample (10-20 pages). General Member Recruitment A general member’s main responsibility on MJEAL is writing original posts for our blog.  General members may also be expected to complete some sourcegathering and citechecking assignments. MJEAL begins accepting general member applications from 1Ls in the fall.  A completed application will include a resume (one page), statement of interest, note proposal, and writing sample (10-20 pages).

Transfer Students

MJEAL welcomes you!  Please email Rick Stepanovic at rstepano@umich.edu to discuss the application process.