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The Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law is proud to announce the contents of its first Volume, to be released in April, 2012.

All MJEAL articles will be available online, and archived by volume.

“The Quest for a Sustainable Future and the
Dawn of a New Journal at Michigan Law”
By David M. Uhlmann

“Deregulatory Riders Redux”
By Thomas O. McGarity

“Is a Substantive, Non-Positivist United
States Environmental Law Possible?”
By Dan Tarlock

“A Functional Approach to Risks
and Uncertainties Under NEPA”
By Todd S. Aagaard

“The $1.75 Trillion Lie”
By Lisa Heinzerling & Frank Ackerman

“The Case for Abolishing Centralized
White House Regulatory Review”
By Rena Steinzor

“What the Return of ACUS
Means for Administrative Law”
By Paul R. Verkuil

“Text(plusotherstuff)ualism: Textualists’ Perplexing Use of the
Attorney General’s Manual on the Administrative Procedure Act”
By Kevin Michael Lewis

Click to purchase a copy of Volume 1

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